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She changes everything She touches...

It is with regret and sorrow I announce the Pagan Campout has come to an end. There have been nine years of campouts with many memories, good times, friends made and others lost to the Summerlands. Oh yea, a little rain from the Goddess as well. I remember the first campout where there were only six of us there, huddled about the central fire under a canopy enjoying each other’s company while the Goddess watered her extensive gardens. People came from as close as Priest River and as far away as Seattle and at times there were over 60 people in attendance. We consecrated that ground with Summer celebrations and rites, partied with drums and dancing, worked magick, read cards and even had a little sword play. However, like all things that have a beginning there must also be an end. Possibly, someday, the Gods will deem it to be again.

Until that time…

Blessed Be,


The picture on the left is of the group site.
The picture on the right is of the beach area at the campground.

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